Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Dentistry has always been at the forefront of advancing Infection Control Standards. Since the 90’s, our profession takes Infection Control continuing education every other year, making it easy to follow updates and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), and American Association of Endodontists (AAE), and the Santa Clara County Public Health Dept.

  • All patients are screened for COVID-19 symptons by phone before scheduling and again on the day of the appointment, with temperature taken. Patients must be symptom free for treatment. Dr. Yokota and staff are screened daily and are also vaccinated and appointment times are made to promote spacing.
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to COVID-19, you must test negative and be symptom free for 2 weeks before scheduling your appointment.
  • Our practice strictly adheres to and exceeds the standards for infection control. There are plexiglass barriers between the patient and front office staff as well as a separate entrance and exit. We wear the usual personal protective gear (N-95 masks, visors, gloves, gowns, hair covers…) use hospital grade disinfectants, barriers, and have strict sterilization and monitoring protocols i.e. autoclave, dry heat oven, uv oven, single-use disposable materials, an HOCL fogging machine, and more.
  • Patients are given an antibacterial mouth rinse before dental procedures. The majority of endodontic procedures are able to use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the rest of the mouth, minimizing any aerosols. The high speed evacuation vacuum is used at all times. “Surgically Clean Air” Hospital Grade HEPA air filtration units are in each operatory and cycle the air completely within 2 minutes using 6 stages of ionization, filtration, and UVC light.
  • The heating, ventilation, and cooling system has an Aerus Air Scrubber, which uses award-winning ActivePure technology that is scientifically proven to destroy microscopic pathogens and contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Air is filtered and disinfected by UVC before returning to the room, and powerful oxidizers are released to actively seek out and destroy and pathogens or contaminants in real time, 24/7. ActivePure technology is based on technology originally developed by NASA.

Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

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